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November 11, 2020:
Last night my husband was not feeling well and I was fearful and anxious and immediately said “let go” stop and not be fearful, then I woke up to this morning message and it was a beautiful reminder to stay positive and God is our healer !!!! Amen
Cindy Salopek


October 14, 2020:
I’m loving the music �� you have been adding. It’s just a wonderful touch. Thank you ☺
Cindy Salopek


October 12, 2020:
Thank you thank you for doing the Morning Message everyday of the wk.    It is appreciated frm the bottom of my heart.  I know we do not say this to you enough


September 21, 2020:
Loved Morning Message.  Bravo!  Have to be strong and centered to have integrity.  Thank you for your ability to put words together.  Its a gift. 


September 6, 2020:

I made my coffee came out on my patio and read… I reconnected and fell in love with God all over again. Thank you sis! May God continue to use you��
Avissa Peniston


July 1, 2020:

Gods precious words, in his word, is such a blessing that speaks to me and draws me nearer as long as I stay connected. The morning blessing are so in depth and they challenge me to go deeper and crave more then I hear, more than I read. Thank God for you. Thank you for revealing to me that true love goes beyond the routine that make us feel good. True love goes beyound the knowledge that desensitises and normalises this life. I’ve learned so much. I appreciate and treasure now more than ever the importance of intimacy with the Lord. Being intentional with taking my time and making the time, to hear him, as he hears me. That true intimacy that goes beyond what I think, and completely dismantles what I know. I thank God for that. The doors that open, the overflow that I experience when I am completely vaunrable, completely accountable and surrender all. The over flow of love, peace and joy that I experience is so priceless and so, so necessary. I cannot get enough of my Lord. There is nothing more, liberating and purposeful than an authentic relationship with the Lord. Thanking you for your constant encouraging daily words that makes me look beyound what I hear and what I see and challenging me. Thank you for opening my eyes, to trust what the Lord has for me, and to give more of myself than what I am giving to the Lord.
Edelyne Elie


June 25, 2020:
I only have one word for todays message.
Dean Porterfield


June 23, 2020:
Glory to God!! Building your walk with the Lord on a firm foundation is so very real!! My heart at 1:40 am , after reading your morning messages at work if full. I thank the Holy Spirit for allowing You to be the vessel!!!! Praise the Lord….
Bernadette Richardson


June 20, 2020:
Now as part of my prayer regimen, I turn to Godly Parent Power to fill my spiritual tank and reflect on how powerful Gods words are through his children like Mommy Winsome. I’m thankful to have her teachings for me to further deepen my love for our Lord. Thank you Mommy for sharing with us!
Jordan Mealey


June 17, 2020:
My Friend you are such a blessing to the body of Christ, thank you for allowing God to use you in such an excellent manner. Bless you and Happy Birthday ��
Dean Porterfield


June 17, 2020:
One more time…. reading this devotional is like eating a full course meal at a great restaurant! I am full and satisfied with the Word of God with the flavor of Winsome. Thank you for loving Jesus fiercely and challenging me to do the same. With great respect and love,

Jeannine Hodge


June 17, 2020:
Happy Birthday Mrs Winsome!!


Thank you for your obedience to the God and letting the Holy Spirit guide you to give us a word of hope,love,faith, forgiveness and at times repentance. I have been bless!

I pray that in this birthday of another year of life, the Lord continues to give you more knowledge and wisdom. This calling in your life grows deeper.

Enjoy this day!!! God bless you!!!

Nancy Valentin


June 17, 2020:
Good Morning Ms. Winsome!!!


Just wanted to wish you an AMAZING 2020 Birthday!!! We know that you work hard and faithfully to help guide us on our walks with the father and your morning messages and wed. Bible Study lessons, always seemed to be just what the great physician ordered! Thank you for being a blessing in all of our lives! May our father grant you the desires of your heart in accordance with his will and may you always be blanketed with his hedge of protection Plus I hope you get cake too! – With Love from your youngest bible study child, Taya G. (Have a wonderful and blessed birthday!!!!)

Taya Gambrell


June 16, 2020:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sister! Another promotion and I am blessed to share this day in celebrating you!
Naomi Storey-Davis


June 16, 2020:

Beautiful Winsome
Jeannine Hodge


June 16, 2020:
Just wanted you to know that you’re powerful words this morning penetrated my heart I had to re-examine myself and also my prayer life. It’s nothing like an eye-opener to true repentance that your heart cries out to God and says whatever capacity you need me I am available because my heart belongs to you oh God. Thank you for your obedient to the Holy Spirit voice. Much Love ❤��
Yvette Richardson


June 16, 2020:

My dear dear friend
Happy Birthday to you and many more healthy days to come. I look forward to your Morning Message all the time. Your gift of words amazes me in so many ways
Miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. 
-Barbara Drinane


June 16, 2020:
Ms. Winsome you are such a strong , inspiring, straight forward woman. Because of you I Have become a better mother and wife. With a deeper connection to Jesus. Thank you ! love you and wish you a beautiful Birthday
-Cindy Salopek

June 15, 2020:
Happy Birthday Ms. Winsome! Thank you for sharing your heart with us every morning. Your words have opened my eyes and have kept my focus steady many of days. I’m grateful for your obedience and for your spirit. Enjoy your birthday!
– Nicole 🙂

June 5, 2020:
Good Morning Winsome
Congratulations on your website in spreading the Word of God. I have enjoyed each and every teaching since June 1, 2020 but today message had me re-examining my life in Christ. So today I want to thank you for being led by the Spirit of God and giving me the meat of the word. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. You and Sheridan are always in my prayers. Have a Blessed Weekend.  🙏🙏❤️

June 4, 2020:

Thank you for your invite!  As you know I am a devote Orthodox Christian but love your texts and love~ Thank you for sharing!  How beautiful to see your daughter on the site!  Say Hello from me to beautiful daughter!  Looking foreword to staying in touch dear friend!

Best with love,

~ Helen~

June 1, 2020:
June 1st message is so relevant in today’s culture. This message can be applied to not only religion, but also to race, gender and many other differences to which I celebrate. I believe we need to keep in mind two things: God created us in his image and likeness; and in our end, we will all see the same maker.

Thank you for your wisdom Winsome.

-Loretta Jantos


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