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This easy to read book A Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Children God’s Way shows power in its simplicity. Ms. Tennant transcends culture and gender as she eloquently places responsibility of raising children back with their parents. She supports her practical guide to raising healthy, emotional and spiritual children with this assessment: “Our lives are a stage and our children are the audience.” Ms.Tennant focuses on children as sponges who observe, integrate and act on what they see. Therefore, we as parents must provide them with opportunities that allow for guidance and learning.Since children do not come with instructions, Ms. Tennant ponders how to set our families “back on track.” She asks us to ask ourselves, “How willing are you to let God teach you something that you know nothing about?”Both single parent and dual parent families will be able to apply the humble and sincere support Ms.Tennant offers. This thought-provoking book will help your family thrive in today’s modern social structure and ensure the success of our children’s futures.

-Loretta Jantos, Psy. D

Director of Saint Peter’s University Hospital

Children’s Acute Partial Hospitalization Program

I wished this book was written prior to me becoming a mother. Look at Sheri, A true testimony of my sister’s book!“A single Parent’s Guide to Raising Children God’s Way”One may not agree with everything they read, but that is with everything I am sure Sheri felt that way many times especially being around peers that may have the freedom to do whatever they want. In today’s world parents need a guide, parents need to monitor their child’s everyday activities. We are losing our future our children are dying at a very early age. As an educator for over 35 years, I witnessed parents making bargains with their children! Parents are scared to say no, they take publicly correcting their child as embarrassing them while they the parent’s on the other hand are being embarrassed by their child. This book will help you to be better parents, single or married male or female single parents; this book should be a part of your pre-parental package. I have read this book several times, as I mentor parents on taking control of their child’s life. This book is the bible on being effective parents.… Reading this book will teach you how to discipline with love, how to choose your child’s friends. This book helps you to put your past behind and raise your child with God’s love, it teaches endurance because of Sheri’s story. If you are like me; you will rush to get to the end to read her story on understanding why was her mommy so different from the other mommies

I laughed, I cried, I felt guilt but most importantly I understood the importance of effective parenting.

-Avissa Beek-Peniston, BA Early Childhood Education

I had a front row seat and could be called to testify in living and being around my sister and my niece. Then I had the opportunity to read her book on how to raise your child from Gods perspective. Being a parent myself and most importantly being a believer in Jesus Christ, I was able to relate but not duplicate some of the views expressed in the book.I often wondered if my niece was too sheltered or if she was missing out on the thing kids do , but I never saw or felt the need to intervene because my niece seemed genuinely happy , even when she spent time with my son, away from her Mom, she exhibited no signs of lacking in any area of her young life, believe me I looked because I love my niece as I do my own child.

Today I look at both my sister and her daughter and I think back at the time when my niece was away at college and the time we visited , she had changed into a beautiful young woman but her Godly morals were intact. Amazing! I thought , she has surrounded herself with like-minded young people who openly expressed the desire to be like her, both male and female.

In short. I would highly recommend to any parent desiring to bring up Godly children in today’s world to read this book with an open-mind and even if they are not able to fully understand and apply some of the principles outlined in the book it will definitely serve as a guideline for raising Godly children

-Delroy Tennant

As I read A SINGLE PARENT’S GUIDE to RAISING CHILDREN GOD’S WAY, I became overwhelmed with gratitude!  There is finally a book published with godly instructions, a guide for parents to follow! As I read, being single parent too, I was eager to pat me on the back, see I had begun to recognize I was not isolated, but there really was another parent like myself that believed in disciplining a child and instilling godly principals! I read on, ouch, ouch, oh, no; my now eagerness of wanting to “pat me the back” became tears of repentance! Discipline is one thing, and following godly principles by “dotting every I and crossing every T” is what God expected from his daughter with no room for detour or compromise.  Realizing I could not go back and redo certain things, the years, I began recognizing the consequences one must suffer because of actions of sometimes listening to another. No excuses. So whether my son agreed with my now open confession was not of importance to me, I had to make the years left right! So glad my God gives second chances! My grandchild may not like me, but in the end it will be worth the LOVE she has for me not allowing her room to get off track! I can only tell you, the tears shed witnessing your child suffer some things, is heartbreaking. So I caution all parents to remain focused, tuned into godly instructions, HE does know best and does have our best interest at heart! Allow God to show you the error of your ways and make it right!

God allowed me to witness living proof of a sister and friend who raised her daughter without detouring! I am blessed by the outcome!

Submitted in humility,


I wish I had a copy of A Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Children God’s Way back in the 60’s and 70’s when I was raising my four children. I thought I was doing God’s will at the time (usually), but the guidance in this book is so clear, it would have helped me when I was trying to make so many decisions, so quickly. Also, I firmly believe that anyone raising children can benefit greatly from reading this book (not only single parents).

Winsome Tennant does not shy away from difficult subjects, and never departs from keeping her guidance in line with her personal contact with God as well as her study of the Scriptures. Her book provides encouragement as well as inspired guidance. I have recommended this book to family and friends, and will continue to do so.

-Barbara Henderson

Winsome has powerful and easy to follow guidelines for this journey called parenting. Using the wisdom and grace of God, she helps you see what God is doing with your child and leads you into effectively training them up for Him. An easy to read and use book. I highly recommend it for ALL parents, single and married alike.

~ Great is Thy Faithfulness

-Jeannine Hodge

What can one say other than the truth.

A book is a reflection of ones most inner being, their soul, through their eyes. Through all of life’s experiences comes their testimony as to who they are, from where they came and the journey or process they have experienced through it. This book is just that!

Winsome and Sheridan are women of great character, integrity and honor. They are truly a Holy Living Sacrifice. This book is a reflection of their faith in God through Jesus Christ. How they live their lives and the life they have lived is being offered to you in the form of a blessing.

This book is a testimony, which is a bridge from one person’s heart to another’s. You will be blessed to read this book and to know you are not alone, but that there is a God and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

-Joseph and Mary Ann Pezzello

Raising Children God’s Way, by Winsome Tennant is an absolute “must read” for all parents. It is easy to read and is packed with Godly principles and insights on child-raising. Where was this book when I raised my children? Ms. Tennant reflects in her book the honest, down to earth, Christian woman that she is. Having worked with her for some years, she is the real deal. The proof, however, is in Sheridan, her daughter who has grown into a beautiful, mature, Christian young lady. These Godly principles work and this book is a must buy.


Raising Children God’s way is a book of wisdom, discipline, discipleship and faith. The only regret I have after reading this book is that I did not have the opportunity of reading it before I had children of my own.

I enjoyed reading about the miracles that took place in the lives of Winsome and Sheridan, and how God has brought them through difficult times, but I especially enjoyed reading the final thoughts by Sheridan. This teaches about the faith of a child and tells me that God is not a respecter of any age and that He is truly Lord of all.

-Sharon Allen

The Bible tells us that we should train our children in the way of the Lord, and when they are old they will not depart form His Way. The author of this book has done just that. This book is about a single mother raising her daughter according to God’s Word. However it could easily be about a father and son, a mother and son or a father and daughter. I highly recommend parents and young people to read this book. Winsome is to be commended for writing this book. The fruit of her labor has been manifested daily in the life of her daughter.

-Isaiah Ayers

Hi sister Winsome!

It’s sister Crystal, from Light House Christian Worship Church. I wanted to let you know that reading your book has really encouraged me and my colleague. It’s beautiful to see that you and your daughter have overcome the obstacles the devil has put in both your ways. It only encourages me to be the same when facing obstacles and to protect my children and bring them up the way God has intended. Your book brings light, beauty and reality that you obedience to God is very important and a KEY factor! 

When I see you and your daughter at church on Sundays I see God all over you both! It’s breathtaking! The lightness and purity! 

– Sister Crystal

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As a psalmist, a favored verse of prose is, “Life has its pitfalls and it pleasures, friendships are its deepest treasures.:

I met Winsome and Sheri 25 years ago at the then Home Bible Fellowship under Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center (now Epic Church International).  My daughter who was 2 years old remembers spending time with Sheri as she took care of the children while Winsome taught.  I read and gifted others with Winsome’s book (Raising Children God’s Way)  upon its first publication.  I participated in the Woman’s March in NY –  it was prophesied within their own congregation for her to be their guest speaker. My daughter and I attended Sheri’s graduation in MA for her Masters degree.

Winsome’s love for God is her living for God which has been imparted to Sheri, her family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, church family and whoever crosses her path.  She inspires as God has inspired her to touch lives.  The treasure is that this has been her heart’s desire in serving God and encouraging others. 

Her influence in my life, I have learned to be steadfast in faith, serving God having an intimate relationship with Him and raising my daughter. Upon joining my current church in 2009, I began teaching Discipleship classes for new members a few months after, along with leading sessions in prayer ministry and inspiring those in the congregation through fellowship/ministries under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have both inspired and been inspired by those God has placed in my path through the years. 

Winsome not only teaches, but challenges and inspires one to understand the way of God which has been undeniably proven in her life.  It is her joy to proclaim our Lord and Savior.  Even now, 25 years later, I’m pleased to be inspired by her recent calling, “Morning Messages”, a daily devotion to, “empower, encourage, enlighten” us in the way of God.

I am grateful for my dear friend, teacher, and mentor being part of my journey. Winsome is unwavering in faith regardless of what we may encounter in life, for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. That she knows full well. The best is yet to come. And through it all, we give God praise.

-Esther Reid

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I first must be honest and say I missed the WhatsApp daily reminder message. It forced me to take the time to read. Today (Saturday June 6) I am stuck with reading all 5 messages which I am very excited to do. I have all day and can really appreciate the time you put in to write these messages. Your messages are not to be read in a hurry, I wouldn’t fully get the true understanding and sometimes had to stop reading because of time constraints. I pray Winsome, Sis, Fay, you never stop writing because no one is reading your message daily. I can say for myself I will read each and every message you will have on your website. Your website is beautiful by the way. 

Forever your sister.

-Avissa Peniston

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