About Her Book

 The book is written not to tell you how to parent, but rather to encourage you to seek the Lord for his instructions on parenting. Having being bounced around from caregiver to caregiver my mother left from the age of four, with a single parent dad trying to make ends meet to support five children without a mother, I had no concept of what a home with two loving godly parents looked like. During those years after my dad died when i was the age of ten, abuse in all forms became my new normal. When the Lord instructed me to write, it seemed to me like he had made a mistake. My story was not what i thought would make a difference in anyone’s life, especially parents. Even though it is written by a single parent to single parents, the instructions the holy spirit gave and taught addresses all parents. My hope and prayer is that the principles not the methods, even though they are excellent if followed, will be what is taken away by reading the book. No two children are alike, not even twins. Therefore, the emphasis throughout the book is on seeking the counsel and listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that you be as fortunate as i have been to raise a godly, confident, and successful child now woman, to the glory of God the Father. All i did was obey when it wasn’t popular, and you can too if you chose to do it his way. The book will encourage, challenge, motivate, you to be a godly example for your children.

Deuteronomy 6:6 reads, THE WORDS MUST FIRST BE IN OUR HEARTS. What WORDS? The words God has instructed us as parents. Only then can we effectively teach it to our children.

So as you read this simple book, my prayer is that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened to hear all our teacher longs to impart on us.


My testimony is if you will do it his way, you will always have His results. Numbers 23:19

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