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“When Jesus returned to Galilee, the crowds were overjoyed, for they had been waiting for Him to arrive.”

“Just then, a man named Jairus, the leader of the local Jewish congregation, fell before Jesus’ feet. He desperately begged Him to come and heal his twelve-year-old daughter, his only child, because she was at the point of death. Jesus started to go with him to his home to see her, but a large crowd surrounded Him. 

In the crowd that day was a woman who had suffered greatly for twelve years from slow bleeding. Even though she had spent all that she had on healers, she was still suffering. Pressing in through the crowd, she came up behind Jesus and touched the tassel of his prayer shawl. Instantly her bleeding stopped and she was healed. Jesus suddenly stopped and said to his disciples, “Someone touched Me. Who is it?” While they all denied it, Peter pointed out, “Master, everyone is touching You, trying to get close to You. The crowds are so thick we can’t walk through all these people without being jostled.” Jesus replied, “Yes, but I felt power surge through Me. Someone touched Me to be healed, and they received their healing.” When the woman realized she couldn’t hide any longer, she came and fell trembling at Jesus’ feet. Before the entire crowd she declared, “I was desperate to touch You, Jesus, for I knew if I could just touch even the fringe of Your robe I would be healed.” Jesus responded, “Beloved daughter, your faith in Me  has released your healing. You may go with my peace.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭8:40-48‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Are you suffering in your body today? Then I have another question for you today. How low are you willing to go to receive your miracle?

Two miraculous things happened that day and both had one thing in common: they were willing to go lower. In the first incident, a Jewish leader named Jairus needed a miracle for his daughter who was gravely ill. The scripture says he fell at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to come to his home and heal his daughter. While Jesus was on the way another who was willing to go even lower shut everything down. This woman not only took a chance of being stoned, she got on her hands and knees, pressed through the throng of people, all the while saying, “all I need to do is get close enough to touch the hem or tassel at the hem of His robe and I know I will be healed.”

According to Jewish laws, when you have a bloody discharge you’re considered unclean and to be around others in your condition was punishable by stoning. She risked everything, money and life for a twelve year miracle. Desperate but full of faith, she pressed through the crowd. What ensued was disbelief by some and a miracle for her. She literally stopped Jesus in his tracks. Jairus’ daughter had to wait. Jesus said “Who went low? “ Who pulled their miracle out of Me?” “WHO TOUCHED ME?!” Peter’s response was like everyone else’s. Duh. Everyone here is touching You! Jesus was like, Duh, no Pete, someone went lower. He looked around, then looked down, in the same way that He looked up to see Zacchaeus. Luke 19:3 Whenever we go lower in our posture before God, but higher in our faith, we’ll get Jesus’ attention and receive our miracle.

When the woman, who was nameless so that those of us reading her story can put our names in for our miracle, saw that she had been discovered, I guess she was trying to get away as fast as she could, having received what she came for, she returned trembling and went low again- but this time was different. She didn’t need to hide. Jesus elevated her even more by calling her daughter and declared her whole-spirit, soul and body. She had taken, now she received. Hallelujah!

I cannot imagine what must’ve been going on in Jairus’ mind. The delay may have cost him his daughter’s life. But I’m sure that his faith, having witnessed a woman being healed simply by going lower and touching Jesus, must’ve been bolstered. Or maybe he was frustrated that some nameless woman stopped the procession of spectators who were headed to his house for a show. After all, he was very popular in the city, and who was this commoner to delay the miracle he so desperately needed? That may have been the response of some of us, but based on what we’ve read in the beginning and are about to read, he still stayed low. People who are willing to go lower, will keep their hearts free of malice. They have no time to entertain the enemy’s mind games, they’re on a mission. Let’s continue:

“While Jesus was still speaking to the woman, someone came from Jairus’ house and told him, “There’s no need to bother the Master any further. Your daughter has passed away. She’s gone.” When Jesus heard this, He said, “Jairus, don’t yield to your fear. Have faith in Me and she will live again.” When they arrived at the house, Jesus allowed only Peter, John, and James—along with the child’s parents—to go inside. Jesus told those left outside, who were sobbing and wailing with grief, “Stop crying. She is not dead; she’s just asleep and must be awakened.” They laughed at Him, knowing for certain that she had died.” Luke‬ ‭8:49-53‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Jairus’ news was not good. But the One at whose feet he went low was undeterred. He may have been delayed but He would not be denied. What Jesus had set out to do would be done. Saints of God, don’t let the enemy get you in a wad about what appears to be held up. Appearances aren’t always what they seem. If Jesus is with you, if He’s made you a promise, that’s all that matters. Stay low. Jesus assured Jairus he had nothing to worry about. The paid wailers laughed when Jesus told them to cut the performance because the child was only sleeping. This is why they were on the outside looking in. They were spectators not touchers. Not everyone wailing is standing with you for your miracle. Do what Jesus did, and put them out. Jairus went for Jesus, went low by acknowledging that the help he needed was in One Name, Jesus. Let’s continue reading:

“Jesus approached the body, took the girl by her hand, and called out with a loud voice, “My sleeping child, awake! Rise up!” “Instantly her spirit returned to her body and she stood up. Jesus directed her stunned parents to give her something to eat and ordered them not to tell anyone what just happened.” Luke‬ ‭8:55-56‬ ‭TPT‬‬

The instructions of Jesus not to tell anyone what happened was not about keeping secrets. This was not a spectacle. The throng and the paid wailers were not interested in the child’s wellbeing, they just wanted a show. The ones who mock and laugh at your faith in Jesus aren’t worthy of partaking  in your good news. Jesus knew they weren’t following because they trusted in Him. They weren’t about going lower, they were looking for another headlines for the Jerusalem Newspaper. Put the spectators out! Welcome in the Peters, James and John. Those who understand what it means to go lower to come up higher. Hallelujah 

So two miracles happened that day. The miracle Worker is still in the healing business. But are you willing to go lower? Are you willing to press through the crowd in your minds? Are you willing to keep your faith during the delays? Are you willing to stay silent even though you have something to share, simply because He asked you not to? I believe Jesus had His reasons for telling the parents to not share what had happened. He probably didn’t want the young child to become a spectacle.  John 12:9. What we see as dead, Jesus sees as opportunity to make alive. No matter where you are in your faith This one thing is true: Jesus sees you. So, my friends, go lower. The Bible says the humble will be exalted and the exalted will be humbled. Luke 14:11. The feet of Jesus is the place of power and miracles, go low. COVID has you scared? Stay low. And nothing shall by any means harm you.

Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever! We’re so accustomed to fickleness Lord Jesus, that we sometimes forget that You never change. You are the One true constant in our lives. Thank You for looking down on us to lift us up. Thank You for looking up when our faith is short in stature to call us down to fellowship with us. We’ve never known a love like Yours! So blessed to know delay is not denial, that You’ll always come through even when death is celebrating its victory to speak life into us. Hallelujah thank you Jesus! We go lower Jesus, to worship at Your feet and pour our hearts out to You. Knowing You hear us brings us peace. Amen.

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit 

W. Tennant 

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